Thursday, February 22, 2007

My New Blog

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ball Clear!

Thank you Mr Jones (the consultant).
You've had a good feel and found nothing unusual. Great.

Medical scare over then.

No pictures though!

Tomorrow I go to Hospital again for the Back Pain.
There might be pictures if I can get some...


Flickr is really pretty cool

I've had some lessons from Ben this weekend and found that I can now publish my photographs on straight out of Aperture with the Export to Aperture plugin.
Note the new side bar images on the right of this post. They feed directly from my FlickR photostream


Going wide...

Heres a shot of Brighton Beach using my new wide angle lens. I like the lens barrel distortion and the zoom effect on the foreground pebbles.
Taken on a 12 to 24 mm Sigma Lens on the day it was bought

Brighton Pier

Heres a nice shot (I think) of the West Pier at Brighton. We almost missed this sunset as we'd been out for a while and the weather looked dismal when we stopped to chat to a couple about Jarvis and their dog. The bloke asked me if I'd got any good shots of the birds flying over the pier. As we discussed how hard it is to get a good shot of the pier and that it'll probably be my life's work to get it as I want it the sunset started to improve.

More photographers appeared on the beach, me included. I got this one about half way through the shoot although I've not finished reviewing all the shots I thought this one was good enough to post on the Blog.

Picture of birds flocking over the West Pir at Brighton with red sunset in background


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Family Tree

I've started an online family tree with and integrated that site in this one under the Family Tree link on the left. I have invited 5 family members to become Editors of my tree but only 2 have accepted so far.
So if you, Paul, Gillian and Margaret, haven't joined in yet go to your email now and click on the Ancestry link I sent to you and get registerd so that you can contribute to the whole tree.

The tree starts with me but you can find your way to the Shortall, Rowbottom, Duplock, Rainsford, Wood, Jones and Brown families by exploring the various links on the page.

If any one I've not invited want to join in then please let me know.


Friday, February 16, 2007


Just one week to go for our holiday to Australia with the stop over in Singapore. We really can't wait!

We've also got planned:
A weekend in Ireland (Kilkenny - Shortall family history trip)
A week in Norfolk with Paul and Anne, Sara& Adam and Amy & friend
A short break in Sweden

This year is certainly packed with holidays I really don't know how we'll have the time... ;)

We're off to Brighton this weekend too. (AGAIN) We'll be seeing Ben before he makes his trip to Sweden


Bloody computers...

Oh thats just great, as soon as I buy PS CS2 and install it it going wrong. Double click on a file on an external drive and PS takes ages to load in and then says:
There is a serious error. Reinstall Photoshop

Tried that and immediately, Installation was not successful...
Restarted the MacBook Pro and hey presto! all is fine now.

Bloody Computers! Grrr....


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Consultants are like Buses

I've been waiting to see a consultant about my broken back and as some of you will know I have to see another consultant about a bit of lumpage. I've gone private for the 2nd consultant so managed to get an appointment on Monday 19th Feb at 7:15 PM. This morning I got a letter form the Royal Berkshire Hospital telling me I have the appointment for my back on Tuesday 20th Feb.

So now I can get all the news about my ailments before I go on holiday on Friday 23rd Feb.



Monday, February 12, 2007


Mmmmmm, Black Shiraz, Mmmmmmm

1 bottle consumed all to myself, excellent!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something for the weekend

We're off to Brighton again this weekend. We've arranged for a little family gathering at Dan's and Loz's place in Gloucester yard. We've invited Margaret & David, Gillian & David and Pete & Tracey for lunch on Sunday. Wendy and Loz will be cooking up some sort of buffet and I think Wendy is in a bit of a state about it all because it'll be vegetarian and M&D and G&D aren't used to that sort of food. I'm sure that all will go well and everyone will enjoy the buffet.

I think we'll have cheese and pineapple on sticks and perhaps vol-au-vents as well.

I'm looking forward to it as we've not really had a family gathering for some while now.

We're also going to see Ron and Ruby for a late lunch on Saturday too.