Friday, March 31, 2006

The joys of motoring

A year ago I bought my current car, VW Polo N reg for £1800. Since then I've done 20,000 miles in it and have just had the 2nd service and an MOT.
Of course it needed work to get though the MOT but since I only paid £1800 for the car I'm starting to wonder if it's really worth having cheap cars. The reason for this is that the first service cost nearly £400 and this service and mot has cost nearly £500 and now just a week later there's another problem with the front wheel bearing. Oh sure the car is doing well since it's done over 100,000 miles but pretty soon it'll have cost more in repairs than I paid for the car.

What to do?

Oh, the JOYS of motoring!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alarms and Body Clocks

OK I know I'm going on a bit about the clocks changing but this year I feel really affected by it.
My wake up alarm went off at just after 6 this morning and I don't even remember turning it off! I eventually woke up at 5 to 7 which of course is about 6 am for my body clock.

I've now got to spend the next 3 months training my body clock to wake me up at the new 6 am (an hour earlier).

All this means that I'm now running very late for an 8 am Conference Call. I'll never make it to the office in time and I don't have the number with me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unwell Man

Today I've been feeling rather poorly. A bit of a cold, stuffed up nose and aches.
Mentioned to my boss at work that I'd be taking half day because I feel a bit rough. His reply was, "You don't look that bad. You're not going for an interview are you!"

Nice to know I'm wanted ;)


Daylight Saving

I'm still in recovery mode after the 1 hour time shift that signals British Summer Time and I think I have a slight cold which makes getting out of bed a real problem.

Alsobecause I have not reset the clock on the Central Heating I found that the house was too cold and very little hot water this morning.

A Cold Bath really wakes you up!

Monday, March 27, 2006


Hhmm, had a rather strange but interesting and nice food combination for lunch today. As some of you who read this will know I'm eating in a more health conscience way so i have a mixture of salad sfuff for lunch. Today I had:
Minty potatos in light mayo
spicey rice with currents
pasta twists with mushrooms in light mayo.

Strangly, it all tasted good together.


I've been asked why I don't use RapidWeaver for my blog posts. Well, there are a few reasons not least of which is that I've been asked by my usually technophobic wife to leave my G4 laptop at home while I'm at work so that she ( ) can do some web surfing and blogging for herself while I'm out earning a crust.
The other reason is that I don't have an internet connection for my laptop at work so posting during the day would be a bit difficult.

Would you buy a used car from this man

A few weeks ago at the Henley Photographic Society (my camera club) we had a practical evening taking pics of set subject, one of which was Portraits. I volunteered to be the model and helped with the lighting and of course the pose!

There were 4 teams and 4 subjects (portraints, Food, handbag & stuff, glass). Last week each team entered the resultant prints into a club competion and low and behold the Portrait of me got top marks and my team won the competion.
While judging the entries the judge made some rather rude comments like:
  • Would you buy a car from this man......

  • Typical corporate shot, .... for an estate agent

  • Etc etc... very funny! :)

All comments got a good laugh from all including me.

Great fun. My Profile pic is one shot on that evening. Not the winning entry though.

This is the winning Portrait...

Time Flies

Watching a tele program the other week about the nature of time. Seems that as we get older our internal clock slows down so everything around us seems to go much faster.
Now I get why my reactions aren't what they used to be!

The good news is that there are things you can do about it. Excercise your mind by stretching your thought processes and trying stuff that you find difficult to work out.
Well, I'm off to do some more stuff I find difficult.....

Traffic Reports

Traveling to work on Monday Mornings can be a real drag especially if the M4 is blocked for no apparent reason. This monday was really bad, even the slip road was blocked and jams back onto the A404.

As I got onto the M4 the happy voice of the BBC Radio Berkshire traffic bloke tells me that the traffic is really slow at junction 8/9 through to 7 (this is where I am!) and I already know.
But wait, the road ahead seems to clear and I'm up to 70 MPH befor I know it and just as I pass the sign for Junction 7 another traffic report tell me there a broken down vehicle in the centre lane. by the time he's finnished telling me that I'm passing the broken down car which is now on the hard shoulder.

Traffic reports! Useless!

Fast Forward

Daylight Saving is a real pain. Last Saturday I dutifully put the clock i the bedroom forward so that when I woke on Sunday (Mothers day)morning I'd know what time it was and would be able to get up in time to go Brighton for Wendy's, soon to be come traditional, visit to her mothers for Mothering Sunday.

I pottered around a bit, had breakfast started to run a bath (no we don't have a shower). Checked the kitchen clock, half nine! great I'm still well in time to leave by 11am.

Had the bath and dried myself and asked Wendy what the time was. Yikes! it's nearly twenty to 11. Ah we hadn't put the kitched clock forward.
Now in a bit of a rush we actually got on the road by 11:20am.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Having known about blogs for a few years now I have just discovered why I should keep one.
OK, so for all you young'uns out there it's all so easy but I've had a real problem getting my old brain around an electronic public diary.
Anyway, at least I now know what its about and have started.