Monday, March 27, 2006

Fast Forward

Daylight Saving is a real pain. Last Saturday I dutifully put the clock i the bedroom forward so that when I woke on Sunday (Mothers day)morning I'd know what time it was and would be able to get up in time to go Brighton for Wendy's, soon to be come traditional, visit to her mothers for Mothering Sunday.

I pottered around a bit, had breakfast started to run a bath (no we don't have a shower). Checked the kitchen clock, half nine! great I'm still well in time to leave by 11am.

Had the bath and dried myself and asked Wendy what the time was. Yikes! it's nearly twenty to 11. Ah we hadn't put the kitched clock forward.
Now in a bit of a rush we actually got on the road by 11:20am.


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