Saturday, September 30, 2006

Backup and Aperture

Hmm, Backing up and archiving is a tough job and it's been suggested by Fat Al that I only ever have one live copy of my data on my local drive. Well that would be fine IF I felt that the internal drive would be able to cope with all the live data.
The new version of Aperture allows for "Live" data (my photos) to be stored anywhere and will allow high quality previews to be transported with a laptop. This is known as "Referenced Storage". The old way Aperture used was to have all of the images in a proprietory data file called the Aperture Library and this is quite different from the iPhoto directory structure way of storing images.

I currently manually backup my Documents Folder to a network drive which is where I've been storing copies (backup) of all my photos. I have started to Archive off some of the Photos onto CD and DVD as I'm trying to slim down the amount of images I have within Aperture.
As you may imagine MOST of the photos are essentially future rejects which I have not got around to rejecting yet. I think I'll archive these reject to CD just so I don't feel like I'm throwing anything away.

I've still to look at a backup solution but just have not had the time.

The difficulty with having live data ONLY on my local drive is defining what is live data. I really couldn't fit all of my data onto the 120GB drive I have with all the applications and system stuff so choosing a relevant subset is what's needed and that's the problem. Also settling on a set of applications is a problem too, clearly I have to many applications and some I've not used for 6 months but always avoid removing them just in case I need that little bit of functionality tomorrow.


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