Monday, March 27, 2006

Traffic Reports

Traveling to work on Monday Mornings can be a real drag especially if the M4 is blocked for no apparent reason. This monday was really bad, even the slip road was blocked and jams back onto the A404.

As I got onto the M4 the happy voice of the BBC Radio Berkshire traffic bloke tells me that the traffic is really slow at junction 8/9 through to 7 (this is where I am!) and I already know.
But wait, the road ahead seems to clear and I'm up to 70 MPH befor I know it and just as I pass the sign for Junction 7 another traffic report tell me there a broken down vehicle in the centre lane. by the time he's finnished telling me that I'm passing the broken down car which is now on the hard shoulder.

Traffic reports! Useless!


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