Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our Allotted Space

Well, since we moved to Henley we've missed having a proper garden since ours is a concrete yard with a few potted plants.
Wendy has been trying to get an allotment and has looked on the council web site for any vacant plots without any luck.

As it is such a nice day weather wise we decided to have a walk down to the local allotments where they were having an "Open Day" whatever that means.

We have a wander across the bridge and down by the cricket ground (they weren't playing) and into the allotments. We were early by about 20 minutes. God we must walk really fast! ;-)

We had a walk around and found a couple of people to speak to and saw that some of the plots were really neglected.

We were looking at the notice board and I was thinking it might be a good place to stick up a notice about the Photo Club when a man came over to us and asked if he could help us with anything. This man is Dave and he's on "T' Committee".

Anyway the outcome of our little stroll down the road is that we now have a "10 Pole Allotment". I don't have an internet connection while I am writing this so I can't tell you what a Pole is is metres or yards but I'll update later.

The plot we have is totally over grown with grassy stuff (I'm not a gardener) but does have Strawberries, Gooseberries and some other berries already growing on the plot so we''l be ok for fruit this summer. (apparently!)

Next week end is going to be bvery hard work because I have to hire a strimmer and cut donw all the overgrow stuff.

The size of this plot is 100 feet by 18 feet. So I guess a POLE is 10 feet as we have a 10 pole plot and it's 100 feet long.


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