Monday, May 29, 2006

Photography for the Web

I've been asked to pop into Neals Farm and take some pics of the animals and surroundings for them to use on their Web Site.

You can see the set of pictures I'm proposing for use on their web site at Neals Farm Pictures

Comments appreciated as always


Blogger alex said...

Not a a bad start, but they are lacking something.

The animals need a bit of character I think.

The one of the cows in a row is a good shot - has a bit of humour for some reason.

I'd get right up close and personal with them. Get the features and the eyes big in the frame I reckon. Some of the other shots are decent - maybe they just need cropping right up tight and framing.

It's a tricky one photographing animals. (not that I have any experience to speak of) I must of taken a hundred or so of that damm bird the other day, and I'm still not happy.

I'll google for some animal shots, might provide inspiration.

Also, probably just my 5 year old laptop screen, but it looks like a bit of colour correction might be in order? hard to tell.

8:58 am  
Blogger alex said...

ah, here we go. Something from the FM forums:

Now, take a look that shot. Very cute.

I'm thinking you dope up the cows and hang them over a tree, fence or hillock. Thats got to be cute!

Maybe dress the dogs up in little hats and get them to dance!

If you havent had time to pre-train the dogs, dancing can be easily simulated: simply put cute-little-mittens on the puppies front paws, then fill the mittens with pins. When the puppy tries to put it front paws on the ground it will feel the sharp pain and leap up. This repeated will give the illusion of a dancing puppy!

A similiar trick can be used on many animals, although I dont advise it with horses.

Or get some monkeys. Skatebording Monkeys :-)

9:08 am  

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