Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Photo Competition Season is here...

I entered a few shots into the Camera Club OPEN competition yesterday evening. Here are my entries:



Mounted in a Clack mount board. This got some good praise from the judge (Les Spitz ARPS). Les liked the arty way I'd taken it on a bit of a slant "the author is trying something different here and I like it...". This could do well in an art shop and could hang on peoples walls at home. A respectable 15 out of 20



This got a few laughs from the gathered audience of photographers. the title is "Old and Young, Having Fun" Comments like well she could be is daughter, neice or she could even be his wife. Who knows, they're certainly having fun though.
A good candid portrait. I think I got 18 out of 20 for this one.


Entitled Austin Powered, once again les liked the slanty nature of this b ut felt it was just a bit too bright in places. I think this got a 17 out of 20.


The performer. Hair across the eyes and the bright area above the back of his head crippled this great shot. 16 out of 20. Les liked it and commented on the nice border.

All the digital Projection shots were bordeered by an action set supplied by Fat Al. Thanks Fat Al.



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