Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Working from Home

One of those days when working at home seemed much more worthwhile. I left the office at 12:15pm and travelled around the motorways at was home by 1:00.

No one else in, just in time for a spot of lunch. Cheese and Ham toasted sandwich.

Before I'd left the office I'd emailed a few thing to my home email account so that I could work on them.
Settled down after lunch to find that the Broadband connection was playing up again. I'd had trouble yesterday evening but it seemed OK this morning. I checked the phone and sure enough it was crackling like mad.

nothing else for it, I phoned BT to report a fault. The automated service, which is pretty good all in all, called me back and then the line went dead. Ah, I thought they've found the fault!

Half an hour goes by and the line is still dead. I'm getting a bit anxious by this time because I'm supposed to be working, not waiting for BT to fix my phone line.

Then the phone rings, it's a woman from BT. "You reported a fault this afternoon. We've done all our tests and found no fault...."
While she's going on a bout there being nothing wrong and it must be my phone thats the problem, the internet connection springs back into life and all the emails come through.


Those BT people are wonderful. Fixing stuff without even knowing they've done anything!


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