Sunday, April 02, 2006

Photo Mounting

I've decided to enter some of my great works into a photo competition at the Henley Camera Club. The only proble I had was cutting those bevel edge mounts. I've got a mount cutter but have never been able to get the cut just so. I'd been discussing this with Norman at the HCC and as he's dab hand at it he offered to show me how to cut mounts.

I went to his house on Saturday with 5 10X8 prints which we looked though and chose 3 that would be suitable for the competition. Norman set about measuring the prints and boards and settled on a 7cm border around each print and an extra 1cm at the bottom so that when the print was displayed for judging the border would look even. The bottom edge sits in a groove you see.

Norman has a fancy mount cutting system the "LOGAN Mat Cutter model 310" which is simple to use and keeps the blade straight.

within an hour and a half of me arriving Norman had mounted all 3 prints.

Excellent. I must get one of those Logan cutter systems - £115 - Bargain!


Blogger alex said...

What camera ya got nowadatys then?

did you spalsh on an DSLR?

11:23 am  
Blogger Steve said...

Splashed out on a Canon 5D

9:08 am  

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