Friday, May 19, 2006

Media Training

A bit of background...
I'm working on the ntl:Telewest merger at the moment (and for the foreseeable future) great project (Programme) to be involved. I'm getting involved in very senior management meetings where I have to present "Stuff".

Having lead a presentation for the workstreams I am managing and feeling like I could have done better, I got a phone call from my managers boss (Keith).

My immediate thought was, OH MY GOD how do I manage to keep my job!

Keith opened with one simple question. "How do you think the meeting went?" Gulp!, I think it went reasonably well but I could have done better I think. I continued to ramble for a couple of sentences until Keith butted in saying why don't you stop digging and let me tell you what I think.

I stopped and listened.

You did a great job!
What you're missing is delivery

More compliments followed and a bit of "coaching advice"

What you need is some Media Training. Learn how to deliver the message without giving too much away and you'll be worth twice what we're paying you. I'm NOT offering you pay pay increase though!

Good advice which I'll take and use.


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