Friday, May 12, 2006

Not well again...

A week ago I started feeling like I had a little bit of a cold. Not too bad but a blocked nose and a few sneezes.
Saturday I took a turn for the worse and felt aches and pains as well as a bit of a cough etc.

Now a week later having dosed myself up with all sorts of medicines and cough syrups I've started to feel better.

The coughing has made me feel like I've had a damn good kicking. A few more pain killers'll sort that out Oh and a few glasses of wine too!

Coughing has almost gone now but the sore lips have started so It's ZOVIRAX all the way now...

I've just checked. Last time I had a cold was 28th March this year!!. 6 weeks between colds; thats not good!



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