Friday, July 07, 2006

Critical Failure


MacBook Pro finder restarted yesterday while I was in the middle of looking for a file. Just rignt out of the blue, yes just like that. I hadn't launched any apps double clicked on any files; nothing, NOTHING!

This is the first time you've used this MAC ! I've set up a user name for you (Stephen Counsell) and now you need to tell me how you connect to the internet. (Oh So Bloody Helpful!)

Bloody CHRIST. I've lost all my setting. All those shortcuts in Safari, My WHOLE iPhot Library 3000 images, 2 purchased albums in iTunes my Aperture Library, all my Address book contacts most of my Library settings.

I'de backed up on 26th May 2006 so iPhoto and Aperture were pretty safe but some of the other stuff I lost is gone for good.

I've now managed to restore most of what was lost (apart from 15 quids woth of music).

That'l teach me the value of daily backups.
Routine backup now scheduled to take place every day at 11PM.
All I need to do is make sure it's switched on, Plugged into the firewire drive before I go to bed.
Should be easy.


Blogger alex said...


So it nuked your user account?

Was the directory gone from /users ?

or did it just screw the user account?

Thats well harsh.

I use .mac Backup v3 - back up to the iPod and my DB files to my .mac iDisk account. And I'm still paranoid.

I'm currently of the opinion that all consumer hard-drives fail within 0-36 months. Mirrored server class drives is the only way to go.

9:26 am  
Blogger Steve said...

It just removed "Some" of my files and folders. The Sites Folder for example has completely gone which is a pain because I had the Henley Photo Club rapidweaver file in there.

I'll have to recreate it from scratch and copy the published site. There is an old HPC RW file so no too bad.

10:49 am  

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