Friday, June 30, 2006

Environmentally Un-freindly

You know all those leaflets in magazines that lots of people empty out on the new agent shelves. I recently bought a magazine and managed somehow to keep all the leaflets in it.
Well on the way home from the office today the weather was, and stil is, sunny and hot. I had both windows open fully along with the sunroof. I don't have aircon.
As I drove down a long stretch of dual carriageway at about 60mph with the said magazine on the front seat (no I was not reading it while driving) the pages started to flutter open and closed, then suddenly all of the little leaflets jumped out of the magazine into the air and out of the window!

It was as if I'd leafed through, found them all and chucked them out of the passenger window myself. There was quite a bit of traffic around and as I was travelling reasonably fast I did not attempt to stop and pick them up.

I just hope no one has reported me for littering the highway! It wasn't me officer, it was the wind, HONEST!


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