Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scanner Vs Camera

I'm in the process of capturing all those old photo we have around the house and as the scanner has not been set up since we moved house I've been snapping them with my 5D. I've had some reasonable success given that all those I've done so far have been hanging on the wall in frames.

I can't imaging the problems I'd get into if I had to use a flat bed scanner.
The process I've followed with the camera is:
Turn focus on wall mounted picture(s)
Take picture(s)
Plug into computer and download to iPhoto

The process for a flatbed scanner would be:
take down picture(s)
Un-frame and un-mount picture(s)
Set up scanner with computer
Scan image into Photoshop
export as jpeg
import to iPhoto
remount, reframe and hang picture(s)

Canon 5D with polarising Filter to cut down on reflections.


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