Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Suit

I've decided to buy a new business suit this week. Dark pin stripe and I'll be getting some new shirts too. I'll post pictures of me in new suit when I've got it. It'll take a while because I'll have the suite and shirts altered to fit me. All cloths like this seem to be made with abnormally long legs and arms. I winder why the manufacturers waste so much material?


Blogger alex said...

Material: Because you can cut them down to size but you cant cut them up for length.

Is this a work suit?
If so then get two or three pairs of Trousers with it. The jacket will last forever, but the trousers are subjected to much heavier wear than the jacket and wont.

Be sure to negotiate with the tailor to cut a deal on the price.

2:58 am  

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