Sunday, July 30, 2006

Unusual Saturday

We went down to Brighton yesterday to have a chat with Dan and Ben about work and to watch Ben play football for Southwick FC against Whitehawk FC.

The journey down was OK a little traffic slowed our progress a bit but we made reasonable time anyway and the journey took one and a half hours so we got to Dans place at just about 11am.

After a late breakfast / early lunch I popped into Cancom (local Mac dealer) to get some extra memory and a couple of other bits (cleaning cloth and fluid, neoprene case and an additional Airport Express).

We then left Dans to pick up Elika from Bens house, Ben had already gone to football as he had to be at Southwick for 1pm so that they all travelled together into Brighton for the away match.

we were a bit late and didn't get to the match until about 20 past 3.

Ben was on his good form making a few good saves but letting in one. Then just before half time this happened:

Yep, it's another goal but what's worse it's a Broken Ankle too.
Ben was in so much pain. Wendy Cried, I took pictures!




Now ben has to spend 12 weeks in Plaster so that the broken bones and ruptured ligaments can heal.

Poor Ben.
Get well soon



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