Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whats so good about RapidWeaver Blogging then?

I moved to RapidWeaver blogging for a number of reasons. These are:
1 - My son Dan owns Realmac Software, the makers of RapidWeaver.

2 - Offline Blogging - Ever had something to blog and no internet connection? I can blog away to my hearts content without even the slightest hint of a net connection and then publish when I get home.

3 - Categories - Splitting out Work, personal and such is a great idea. I didn't realise this until I recently started a project management blog on blogger in addition to my personal blog. With RW I've got as many categories as I want all in one place.

4 - My blog now fits with the rest of my peronal website.

5 - Adding pictures is really easy now with the media browser. No more export choose and upload palarva.



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