Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saving Data

The scheduled backup competed succefully yesterday at 11:00pm and 11:15pm.

All my perswonal setting sent to iDisk at 11 and the whole home folder sent to my 300GB firewire drive. Now I'm just considering what would happen if both the Firewire drive and my internal drive fried at the same time.

Oh, now I'm even more worried!

We also now have 2 computers and the firewire drive can't be connected to both at the same time so I'm considering a network drive to connect to the ADSL router so that backups can happen over wireless. It's a bit slow but it'll be happening while I'm in bed so time is not really a problem.

I'm also considering burning the ".FullBackup" and ".IncrementalBackup" backup files to DVD weekly and keeping them in the car. That sounds like a good plan I think.


Blogger alex said...

I've been iSyncing for years. It's weird - everything in it is perpetual.

A word of warning: there is a bit of a weird bug that causes the Address Book to erase the local copy under certain conditions (say, syncing two users on the same box), and then it tries to erase the server side copy as well.

1:03 am  
Blogger alex said...

I'll also add that any backup that requires manual interaction is doomed to failure.

I'd recomend a networked filestore somewhere off site.

Backing up to DVD is good, but has it's problems - one of which is having tons of DVDs kicking around, and also having well inexcess of 5-8GB of data. Splitting a backup over multiple DVDs is a problem when it comes to restore time.

I'd recomend:

1. Very strict day-to-day file management. Dont collect crap data. Be ruthless.

2. Archival of logical blocks of data. For instance, with photos I store them by date, and then back them up when I have a few GBs worth. Then move the online version into an "archived" area on my disk. That way I know what archived and whats not.

3. Automated backup. Backup every day automaticaly to an offsite store.

I also recomend the use of things like Google mail. I redirected an entire Entourage mail box with attachments to a GMAIL account. Now it's always avalable and searches why faster than Entourage ever used to. GMAIL is also great for storing documents and other data that you want to be always available.

1:36 am  
Blogger Steve said...

All good advice for Mr Hypermegaglobal Corp. But my data is not that critical.

I know it's not that critical by rthe amount of upset that latest data loss has caused me. Actually I could have managed if I'd lost the whole lot. It's a pain, and I would have been very sad to have lost all those photos but that's aboout it.

On-Site daily incremental backup with a Monthly Full is going to be fine. I'll burn the .FullBackup files to DVD from the external hard disk and keep the latest full DVD set in the car. Daily Incrementals are 148MB.

My current .FullBackup has five 4GB files so thats 5 DVDs a month for off site monthly PLUS the daily incremental burnded to CD.

I'll throw away the monthly and incrementals after each Full Backup each month.

Sound like a plan!

8:49 am  

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