Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Novice, Intermediate or Advanced?

I wonder how you would rate my level of photography?

As we've no produced the first score sheet at the photo club I was interested to see how everyone else got on in relation to my scores from the first competition. I didn't expect to fair that well in the overall running of things as I've seen some pretty stunning shots at out initial assessment evening and our first competition of the season.

The first thing to note is that competitions entrants are split into three groups. These are Novice for those starting out in photography or that just haven't got the hang of it, Intermediate for those that have attained a reasonable level of skill and or experience and are able to put together a reasonable composition, exposure etc. and Advanced for those that are, well, advanced. Those that get it right most of the time and don't really need any help in knowing what they did wrong and how they might fix the problems and go take the picture again.

I fully expected to be in the Intermediate group (not that it actually makes any difference to the competition scores) but on reviewing the score sheet of all members of the club I find that it has been deemed appropriate to place me in the Advanced group where I am proud to say I rank 5th. (small round of applause... thank you.).

We'll see how I get on through the rest of the season. We have our 2nd competition next week with Prints being a set subject of "Three of a Kind" and I have entered three pints. Print 1 is of the Cricketer leaning on his bat, stumps and the umpire leaning on a crutch (I wonder if the judge will get that one), Print 2 is of Three Cows entitled "Future Steaks" (that should raise a few eyebrows) and the third a rather boring picture of three red tulips which was a grab shot while I was leaving Connie and John Beadman's in Rutland.

For ther projected (OPEN) section I've put in a picture of the beach at Brighton, a close up of an old cars chrome headlight with the sky reflected in it and last of all a picture taken last weekend while in Windsor of one of the Gates with a tree in the backgound entitled "Autumn in Windsor".
I'll post the photo and scores after next weeks competition.



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