Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well we've been out almost every evening this week tending to the new allotment. A borrowed petrol strimmer worked well on the 3 foot high overgrown grass and weeds.

It's taken all week to get the weeds cut down and now we've started digging up the beds and pulling out the weeds that are left. Many small potatoes have been found. Not big enough to do anything with as they're about the size of 2 peas.

I'm not used to the manual work these days so my back is suffering a bit and my arms ache a bit too. Poor me!

I spotted the first red fruit on the Strawberry plants today while I was strimming. I was so excited I managed to strim the top off the Asparagus plant nearby DOH! Still I did only get one of the Asparagus so not too bad.

I'm now waiting for the England match to start and thinking about a nice cool beer.

Well, that thought has the better of me, I'm off to get a beer.


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