Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Easy as A-B-C

Some of you may know that I went on a training day on Monday this week on how to deal with the media. Not that I ever have to but I thought it might help me to deal with those difficult questions I'm faced with more and more these days.

One of the techniques is ABC
Answer / Acknowledge the question
Bridge to what you want to say
Content of your message

Guess what, I had an opportunity to practice ABC on Tuesday afternoon.
So during a meeting I'd advised my managers that there needs to be a consultation period for staff moves. I didn't have any detail on it apart from it needs to be 30 days.

Conversation goes on and they tart to press me for the details like What type of consultation, What happens if they don't want to move.
Then I dropped into ABC mode and said:
I understand why you're asking that (thats the A)
But the main point here is (thats the B)
There is a consultation period and we have to deal with it. (thats the C)

Somehow they accepted that and moved on. I don't really understand this. I didn't answer the question but they were happy!


Blogger Lisa Counsell said...

Or as the politicians would do
Avoid, Bully and Confuse

8:16 am  
Blogger alex said...

If all that fails, you can try:


11:12 pm  

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