Monday, June 19, 2006

Lens testing

i've been troubled about the quality of some of my picture and was recommended by Alex to do some tests on the lens I was concerned about.
I have the Canon 70 to 300 IS USm zoom which I've been reading about today. Seems that some of them have a problem with soft edges when your shooting in portrait (lens tipped on its side)

I thought while I'm testing I'll compare some of the shots with the 24 to 105mm canon IS USM L series I got with the camera kit.

What an eye opener. No pun intended.

Clearly the quality of the L series lens shines through b ut the tests were inconclusive. I was in a rush to do them so not enough care taken. One thing I din find out is that my 70-300 does not have the blurring problem in portrait mode.

All the images (12 in all) 3 each in portrait and landscape from both lenses at various zoom levels.
24, 70 & 105 then 70, c200 & 300

I'll run the tests again in a more controlled environment AND on a tripod and post the results.

Now I've read up on lenses though and seen the difference the L series makes I like one of those swanky white pro lenses. 28 to 300 L series IS USM. What a beauty!!!


A long wait it is then :(


Blogger alex said...

Thats good news. Its always a bit of a pain to return them.

A lot of people seem to favour the 70-200 2.8L. The 28-300 is only AUS$400 more, so there must be something special about the 70-200, othere wise you'd just pony up the extra cash for the increased range, wouldnt you?

1:09 am  
Blogger alex said...

Hmm.. ahah! (I bothered to re-read the specs)
I guess its the continuous F2.8 aperture. That'd sell it for me.

1:15 am  

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