Thursday, August 03, 2006


Finally I feel I am ready for embark on gaining a Photography Qualification. I'm going to start out with what I feel will be the easiest to achieve, the LRPS.
This is the requirement for the Licenciateship:
The Licenciateship (LRPS) is normally the entry level Distinction and requires a sound basic technical skill and the ability to compose and control the image or medium as a means of communication. Evidence of a developing style is desireable.

Ten prints are required. Print size should not exceed 40cm x 50cm (16 inches x 20 inches) and although there is no minimun size, 20cm x 25cm (10 inches x 8 inches) would be considered reasonable. Consideration should be given to arranging prints as a cohesive panel, normally in two rows. Prints should be numbered clearly on the back and in the order you want them displayed. presentation and mounting of prints should be sympathetic with the subject matter. Commercially processed material is acceptable.

I'll be displaying my LRPS panel selections as I choose them on an LRPS page on this site and I'll be writing my thoughts a feelings down on the journey as I go along.

Wish me luck!



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