Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ikea on a Sunday

Having run out of space on my newly aquired desk, we decided that we needed some additional shelving in the bedroom come office. We checked out where Ikea is in London and ended up going to the Edmonton some 60 miles away. Not a bad journey though around the M25 and then down the A10. We used TomTom to find our way but were a little confused when we were advised "You have reached you destination" and couldn't see any sign of the Ikea store. After a couple of minutes thinking about what to do we just wnet down the road a bit more through a couple of sets of lights and had just about given up when we saw a Tesco Petrol station and thought, Ah They'll know where it is. As we turned into the road for Tesco, there was Ikea right opposite, just 2 miles from the postcode location!

£85 later we came home.

The shelf unit was really easy to put together and is big enough to house a VHS video recorder and my faithful old Laser Printer which is now about 6 years old and still as good as new. Oh it is such a joy to have some shelves again.



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