Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Competition Results

Yesterday evening was our 2nd competition evening at the PhotoClub with Barbara Lydiatte as the judge. Well I must have done something to upset her at some point in this or another life. My photo's got a real slating. The set subjects (3 of a kind) were:

The grass is too bright, it's uninteresting. If you'd wanted to take a photo of cricket then something with a bit of action in it like the stumps smashing apart with the ball and thing flying everywhere. The only 3 of a kind I can see are the stumps and I suppose it just fits the subject.

12 out of 20. the lowest score of the night. :(

Next up was
"Future Steaks"
You should have rearranged the cows so that the dark one was at the back. There not enough detail in the dark one and it's ear is partly covering it's eye.
15 out of 20

Then came

A strange arrangement of flowers, were they growing like that or did you arrange them. The background is distracting I cant tell if it's frost or snow. you should have thrown the background out of focus. They're too close to the edge too!

15 out of 20

On to the projected images
"A day at the seaside"
A day at the seaside by Stephen Counsell

Too much beach. The bloke walking is in just the wrong place

Next was
Reflective by Stephen Counsell
She HALF like this one. The top half!
Raved on about how good the clouds and the people were then thought the bottom half was too dark she didn't know what the bolt was so another low mark

Last came
"Windsor in Autumn"

Windsor in Autumn by Stephen Counsell

Well you've chosen to give us a small peice to look at. this would have been better at night with the light onor if the lamp had had frosted glass. She didn't like the modern bulb in the lamp didn't even mention the gate spikes made a passing comment on the blue sky and colour of the tree.

Foolish, Foolish Woman.
When will she learn about ART and start to give some really constructive criticism?



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