Friday, December 01, 2006

Economic road pricing my arse...

The UK Government have commissioned a report on how we can stop road congestion and guess what they came up with.

Improve public Transport?
Improve roads?
Better traffic management systems?

Oh No, none of that.

Economic Road Pricing. What does it mean I hear you say. Well, it's just another Tax Attack on the British motorist. They'll install sensors (cameras probably) EVERYWHERE and read your registration number so they know where you've been driving and when you were there so they can then produce an invoice for road usage.

They're currently justifying it by saying "It's only fair that the more you use the road the more you pay..."

Bloody Hell! We already do that with Petrol Tax of about 70 pence a litre.

Apart from the money it'll cost me just to get to work, I don't like the idea of a Government department knowing where I've been driving. Looks like Orwell was about 100 years adrift. Big Brother is Watching YOU. 2084



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