Monday, January 15, 2007

Lost and found

Some time ago I was playing around with Automator trying to work out some sort of workflow and stuff. While I was doing that, you may remember, my laptop decided (I'm sure all by it's self) to remove some random files from my machine including some Music I had bought from the iTunes music store.

No of course I didn't have a backup of those files. I'd not even thought about it. Well I say I didn't have a back up, I didn't in the true sense but I do have a copy on the iPod and I've been enjoying the music that way so not really a bit problem. So long as the ipod works!

Well today I found a way to get my paid for music (and all the other stuff) off my iPod and back into iTunes. Hurray!

Thank you

Run the app
Open the folders
Drag the files back into iTunes

They do remind you NOT to Steal Music too



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