Thursday, January 04, 2007

A night at the Hospital

Well the back pain got the better of me and of a 2 day maximum dose of Ibuprofen. Last night following a bit of a coughing fit my lower left back became seriously painful. Through the night from 11pm to about 4am the pain got worse and affected my left leg and foot. My foot was going numb so I got a b it worried. When I could take no more I decided to get Wendy to take me to the hospital A&E in Reading.

The hospital doctor gave me more pain killers (Codeine, Diazepam and paracetemol) and these started to work after about 40 minutes but wore off about half an hour after that. Further examination and some questions about my bowel control satisfied the doctors that the pains were not a sign of something more serious so they gave me some more powerful pain killers (Tramadol) and another Diazepam to relax my muscles.

I had an X-ray on my back which has revealed that at some point in the past one of my lower vertebrae has been broken or cracked and because of this the gap between it and the one above is too small and that is what's causing the pain.

I was at the hospital for about 3 hours and was able to walk reasonably normally when I left although that's thanks to the pain killers.

I have an appointment with my GP on Monday so I'll be asking to see a specialist so that I can get this sorted out. The hospital doc said that one option is to have an operation to put a screw in to keep the affected bones at the correct distance. That sounds a bit drastic though so we'll wait to see what the specialist has to say.



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