Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why Aperture?

Having recently found out how to use aperture properly (well almost) I am enjoying it more and more and can't wait for the next big upgrade to version 2.

Al recently made a comment on my "Photoshop" entry that the could not see why he would use Aperture.
I like Aperture, but it doesn't actually do anything I need. I've tried to find a reason to use it, but I just dont need it :-D..."

Well Al, it would certainly help you organise your pictures in the way YOU want to. It doesn't force you into a date hierarchy directory structure but allows you to either import them into a library or reference them in another location of your choice.

If you've got multiple pictures of the same image (IE you've taken a few shots of the same thig at different settings and angles) and you want to be able to sort and group them in the way you would with hard copy prints then Aperture is the daddy. I've tried lightroom but although it offers similar functionality and is in direct competition to Aperture it just does not have the appeal and usability of Aperture. I guess it's an Apple Design thing which makes Aperture stand out.

Non-Destructive editing without you having to duplicate images all over the place.
Aperture keeps your RAW images safe for you. On import a high quality "Version" is made. When you edit this a new "Version" is made. Versions are small files that describe the changes you've made to the original. Even if you use the "Open in External Editor" feature and edit in Photoshop a new version is made. You NEVER touch the original. It's like storing your film negatives in a safe. The versions are like Prints so you can have as many versions as you want and still have the original in tact.

Aperture is VERY cool I recommend it to everyone with a Mac.

On the Photoshop front I know Adobe will insist I pay for the CS3 upgrade but that's life I guess. I've been in Tryout mode with photoshop for quite some while now so I have no real complaints. Adobe Bridge comes with CS2 but I don't think I'll really need it since I'll be using Aperture to import and manage all of my photos



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