Monday, May 01, 2006

Braunston Happening

We spent a busy day at the Braunston Happening. This is a glorified Jumble Sale where we had a stall so we could sell all the old rubbish we had left over from the house move.
We set off at 05:30am and arrived at just about 8am having stopped for petrol coffee and a dog walk.

I was pretty busy the whole day on almost top selling form although there were surprisingly no takers for the old car washing sponge I'd priced at 0p. Yes that's right NO MONEY. right at the end though some kids came along and a 12 year asked if it really was zero pence. I said yes. Can I have it then he said. "so long as you give me nothing!"; The boy was happy with his new purchase!
To get rid of some of the really naff stuff we had I insisted that if they bought one thing they had to take something else for free. This worked, so clearly they'll have to make the journey to the tip to get rid of the stuff instead of us having to.

I got a chance to take some photos of flowers in Connie and Johns garden. Here they are.


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