Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The cruel world of Data Backup and restore

As regular readers will know I recently lost a whole bunch of data from my laptop due to some crap going on and resetting things etc. so I set up a rigid regime of backing up every day to ye trusty old LaCie 300GB external hard drive designed by Porsche.

All my data got sent to the drive every day at 11:15 pm while other trivial stuff got sent to my iDisk at 11:00 pm. All was working fine and reporting as completed full back up and daily incrementals until I tried to restore some data. Can't mount the volume .... or some such message. Great! I've backed up but can't restore. Luckily I didn't actually need any data restored.

Since then I've been intermittently doing a full backup manually to the external drive. Now the story gets worse.

I keep ALL of my digital photos on the external drive and while doing some work on sorting out some data I accidentally knocked the drive from a low table onto the carpeted floor. Now all my backed up data is locked in the drive which now just clicks twice when it's turned on.

I know, I know, I should have backed up the backup and stored it off site etc etc but I didn't. I absolutely could have cried yesterday when this happened and even considered kicking the cat but we don't have one and I couldn't find someone else's.

Looks like this will cost me between £140 and £250 to get the data back. Worst thing is I don't even know for sure what's on the disk. I know I've got a full backup of all my current laptop data b ut I'm not sure what I've deleted from my laptop and "Archived" on the external disk. I guess I'll just pay up and start thinking of some other way to back up and back up the back up.

We've also got 2 machines now so I'm considering 2 NAS disks, one for each machine, and then back up disk 1 to disk 2 on a weekly basis.

Oh how I long for a TIME MACHINE.......



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