Thursday, August 03, 2006

Search Engine Position

I've been doing a bit of research on where Henley Photographic Club is positioned when you search for it in and
I think most people will search for "Henley Camera Club". Well I did this and found that in TOP position is Henley Rowing Club. and HPC are languishing in 287,000th position.
Searching for:
Henley Photography = 619,000th
Henley Photo = 2,560,000th
Henley Photographic = 114,000th

People searching will NEVER find it!...
unless they search for henley photo club. In which case we're TOP!

I'll have to get some Search Engineering done I think!

By the way. I didn't look through all the results and count them myself. I used a little application called Advanced Web Ranking. I'm n ot sure how accurate it is though.



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