Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dogs and Open Doors

We stayed at Ben's house last night and as usual we slept in the lounge of an inflatable mattress. Wendy like "a bit of fresh air" so the patio doors are opened as wide as they'll go. Of course we have Jarvis with us and he's sleeping next to the open door. Well, I say sleeping but what he was actually doing was keeping guard and watching out for anything that moved in the night.

After about one and a half hours I got a bit fed up with the constant noise of the dog moving around then running to the end of the garden then coming back then barking then running to the end of the garden then.... Well you get the idea.

The patio door closed I managed to get off to sleep.

In the morning I enquired, as one does, if Wendy had had a good nights sleep. Yes fine she said.
Did you hear the Jarvis barking? I asked. No not at all.
Some people have all the luck b ut I'm not sure how someone can just "Tune Out" a barking dog while you're trying to go to sleep.

All well this morning though. It's a bright, if a little chilly, day and Wendy's going to cook lunch for us while Ben and I do a little DIY on the curtain rail which I am dreading. As you'll know, me and DIY don't really mix so I'm praying that the super glue worked.



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