Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fat Looser's Progress

Well it's the end of January. It's actually the last day as I type this and my Fat Loss regime is doing well in so far as I am loosing fat all over which is good I think.

Last night though I just could not get to sleep and found myself still awake at 1:30 am this morning feeling rather hungry. Now I've not really felt hungry for quicte some while until I started on my fat loss plan but last night the feelings were really getting to me. I just could not think of anything else but food so I gave in and went down stairs and had two slices of toast, butter and tomato ketchup and a cup of tea. I sat and ate that while I watched late night TV (King of Queens I think) until 3am. Feeling quite tired I went to bed and was able to go straight off to sleep.

This morning I woke rather late at 8am and realised I had to move the car as it was parked on the pavement outside the school opposite so I rushed out of bed threw some clothes on and went out and de-iced the car and parked it further up the road in a more sensible place.

Once I'd done all that I needed to get logged on to system for wrk and get preped for a conference call so didn't have time to have any breakfast.

By about noon I was once again feeling hungry so I grabbed a "Healthy Living" burger for the freeze and dry fried and microwaved to along with some chilli beans and garden peas.

I've just been out for an hours walk around town to get a parcel from thepost office and to tax the car and am feeling hungry again.

There must be something missing from my diet. I should not feel hungry because I'll just revert back to the old ways of cheese sandwiches before dinner which really would undo all the good fat loss work I've done so far.

Being a Fat Looser is really hard!



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