Monday, May 01, 2006

Healthy Diet

Now, I thought that a mixture of fruit veg. meat and water in good quantities would n=mean I had a pretty healthy diet. Seems not though as I've been feeling a little tired lately.

I did some reading up on brain chemistry and found some interesting info. I've added a supplement to my diet, "Centrum Performance" which claims to enhance both physical and metal performance. Its a multivitamin compound tablet which I chose because of the high concentration of B6. It has 300% RDA of B6 which the brain chemists on the net say is a great way to beat the tiredness I've been suffering from of late.

I've taken the tabs of 3 days now; this is my 3rd day; and am already starting to feel better and less sleepy. Of course this may be a placebo effect so I'll continue for a month and see what the difference is.



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