Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Photo Competition Results

If you're a regular reader you'll know I entered a photo competition on Tuesday 2nd May at my local camera club. I posted the entry pics earlier.

These are the results:
Motoring History. The judge really like the composition and went so far as to say that I couldn't have taken it from a better angle. He spotted the slight over exposure on the top right but forgave it given the obvious harsh sunlight.
Well, after comments like that I expected to get at least 17 out of 20.
Final Mark - 15

In Flight. Once again the composition is dead right, according the the judge, he thought that the top 25% could have been cropped to give the image more impact on the bird. The picture is not sharp in any way so I lost loads of marks for that.
Final Mark - 10

Shelly. The judge liked this although comments on the light available on the day were way off base. He thought that the photo was taken on an overcast day with not much light available. The lighting is a bit flat I suppose. He marked me down the for the stray hair across the face.
Final Mark - 15

COLD!. My first image in the "Artistic License" section. The judge thought I'd not manipulated this at all and that the day the photo was taken it looked warm. He should have been there! However I got a surprisingly high mark
Final Mark - 15

The Wier. The judge just did not get this one. The only real comment made was that the water looked like it was going in the wrong direction and that the main area of foam was burnt out.
Final Mark - 10

For a 1st competition entry I am very pleased. Now I have a better Idea of whats needed to get high marks.


Blogger Ben Counsell said...

Sounds like you did alright! Getting a 15 out of 20 isn't bad for your first go!!

You'll be selling 'em before you know it ;)

7:28 pm  

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